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affordable handicap ramps service

Other Concrete Services

Baltimore Concrete Services in Baltimore, MD offers a host of useful concrete services, such as bollard installation, handicap ramp construction, curb and gutter, and concrete resurfacing, just to name a few. When you are thinking about having any type of concrete services performed then we hope that you’ll consider what we can offer to you. We consistently offer high-quality, durable concrete services. If you are the type who wants to make sure that you will get what you are paying for then make sure that you rely on a reputable service provider, such as us.


Handicap Ramps

We can construct your recreational, commercial, or residential handicap ramp. Using a wheelchair is difficult enough, as there doesn’t seem to be enough of convenient access for those who use them. Businesses can effectively welcome customers who depend on a wheelchair by having a ramp installed for them. Recreational ramps are often used for more than handicap access; they are sometimes used for moving things, or for pets to get in and out. We’ll provide you with quick and easy access in and out of your home with a concrete ramp. Call us for pricing.


Curb & Gutter

There are some businesses where curb and gutters are necessary. The curb refers to the short wall that holds the pavement from both sides and creates a barrier for the yard and streets. It runs alongside a gutter, which is the flat slab of concrete that drains water and prevents it from coming into the yard. We usually construct the curb and gutter at the same time. When you need a curb and gutter, allow us to provide it to you. With the right tools and based on our experience, we can take care of it for you in no time.


Bollard Installation

If you need a concrete bollard installed, allow us to install it for you. Bollards are short posts that we install to protect something. They are usually located around building corners, gas meters, our door furnace, or other areas where a barrier needs to be created. It doesn't matter the extent of the job, we are capable of providing you with the type of bollard that is effective in creating a protective barrier. If you're not sure which type of bollard you need, allow us to consult with you to determine your exact needs.


Concrete Resurfacing

If you need your concrete driveway, deck, patio, pool, or basement floors resurfaced, give us a call. Resurfacing helps to hide any damages on your floors or surfaces and can even be used for repairs. It can save time and money. The benefit of concrete resurfacing is that it makes your surfaces look almost like new again. If you’re experiencing problems with your surfaces or they are simply starting to get old and it’s starting to show, allow us to resurface them. This is often the most affordable option, as having an entirely new floor installed is sure to cost more money.

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